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"Tom is the unflappable rockstar you want in your corner when you need a powerhouse litigator."

  • Tom "is relentlessly proactive" and "is never going to be outlawyered."

  • He "finds solutions to thorny problems before they metastasize into expensive, full-blown litigation." 

  • A "calm but formidable force," Tom is "a chameleon who can shift from elder statesman to cage fighter according to the circumstances."


Lewis Energy Group:

"Tom is scary good on his feet, whether he is reducing a witness to rubble in a deposition or on cross-examination; delivering oral arguments before an appellate panel; or arguing a hotly contested motion, on the front lines in a trial courtroom. Not to mention that Tom is the most talented legal writer I know. Whatever the venue, his briefing is Supreme Court caliber. Most motions put me to sleep, but not Tom's. I actually look forward to reading what he writes—so much so that I often circulate his briefs among my colleagues in the C-suite, because I know they will enjoy and appreciate his writing, too.


So it's no surprise that my internal clients rave about Tom. This is a testament to the fact that he never practices law in a vacuum: Tom is tuned into our business priorities, which means he is well-positioned to find practical solutions to disputes that would otherwise end up in court."

— Weston Sharples, General Counsel

TAQA Completions (Tendeka, Inc.):

"Tom is an absolute beast in every environment. I have been in the same room when he has dismantled witnesses during depositions; when he has had juries hanging on his every word at trial; and when he has brokered ridiculously good settlements with stubborn, sophisticated counterparties. Tom is a savvy operator—equal parts aggressive and diplomatic—which explains why he commands fear and respect in the courtroom and boardroom alike. When we have U.S.-based litigation where winning is the only option, my first call is always to Tom."

— Alan Pearson, CEO

Pioneer Natural Resources:

“Tom is a strategic planner and a forward thinker. He is relentlessly proactive—unlike the vast majority of litigators, who are always playing catch up. Tom is also very responsive and efficient with resources. He consistently has a strong presence in the courtroom, and he is never going to be outlawyered.”

— Jeff Rees, Vice President (Domestic Law)

Javelin Energy Partners:

"Tom is a businessperson's lawyer. While he can mop the floor with his opponents in the courtroom, Tom bypasses legal maneuvers when more practical approaches can achieve similar results, conserve resources, and be less disruptive to our company. He is a calm but formidable force, a chameleon who can shift from elder statesman to cage fighter according to the circumstances. He is also easy to work with: down to earth, personable, and relatable. For good reason, Tom is our go-to trial lawyer in complex commercial litigation matters."

— Jack Van Deventer, Vice President (Land)

Musket Corp./Trillium Energy Solutions:

"Tom’s aptitude for distilling large amounts of information into relatable, engaging, and understandable narratives is impressive, and it resonates with judges, arbitrators, and mediators. He is an excellent thinker on his feet, whether he is questioning a witness in a deposition, or delivering appellate arguments on nuanced issues of law. He is a pros’ pro.


Even more impressive is Tom’s writing. He is hands down the finest legal writer I have encountered in my decades of practice. In fact, I genuinely look forward to reading his briefs, and often I share his work product with my executives because I want them to understand and appreciate his top-tier representation. Tom is committed to excellence and creates exceptional value for his clients.


Tom also understands the bigger picture of every engagement, which has translated into my internal clients’ high praise for Tom and the outcomes he has produced. He took it upon himself to learn our business, build relationships with our commercial partners, and understand our strategic vision and financial priorities. He is sensitive to these variables when he charts a path forward, which means that Tom finds solutions to thorny problems before they metastasize into expensive, full-blown litigation. Tom has become a valuable member to our company team and a dear friend. We are very fortunate to have him representing and protecting the company’s positions and interests."

— Morris Collie, General Counsel

Lewis Energy Group:

Gemini Motor Transport:

"Tom is as good as they come. We have been working with him for years, and—whether the case is big or small—he runs it to daylight. He is easy to reach, always follows up, and returns calls and messages quickly. What we appreciate about Tom is that he sees every case clearly and communicates with us plainly, so we understand what we need to do on our end; and he always has his eye on expenses and strives to minimize costs. He takes a no-nonsense approach to cases, but his personality is just incredible—he is great to work with. Tom is always our go-to guy for litigation. He is a home-run hitter."

— Brent Bergevin, Executive Vice President

Caliber Resource Partners:

"Tom is deliberate and persistent, agile in both thought and action. He possesses an uncommon skill in litigation: the acumen for discerning when to employ diplomacy and when to bare his knuckles. He is quick-witted and a formidable writer—piercing through heavy jargon and crafting narratives that are clear and engaging, while preserving critical subtleties. Tom is an honest communicator who exudes self-assurance and razor-sharp intellect."

— David Wheelis, Vice President (Land and Business Development)

"Tom is bright, thoughtful, and tenacious. He is nimble on his feet and, as a legal writer, he is a force to be reckoned with. Tom has the rare ability among trial lawyers to walk the line with finesse; he understands when to play good cop and when to take the gloves off. 

Tom is the whole package: he's got the skills and the polish. He is a straight shooter who radiates confidence and is as sharp as a tack—a consummate gentleman, for sure, but when push comes to shove, he will unflinchingly annihilate his adversaries. Tom is the unflappable rockstar you want in your corner when you need a powerhouse litigator."

— Chad McGuffin, President

Piedra Resources/Rock River Minerals:

"Tom is an outstanding strategist and tactician, with exceptional judgment. He never over-lawyers; and he has a knack for breaking things down for non-attorneys—which helps us make informed business decisions, based on both the commercial realities and the legal risks. Tom has a brilliant mind, and the guy fights like hell to win. He is smart and gutsy, and you definitely want him on your side.”

— Brad Heidelberg, Vice President (Land, Title, and Contracts)

"Tom is a savvy operator—equal parts aggressive and diplomatic—which explains why he commands fear and respect in the courtroom and boardroom alike."

representative trial work.

Briefing. In defense of the largest gas producer in South Texas, Tom prepared several motions for summary judgment, which targeted the plaintiff's damages case and raised multiple affirmative defenses—including release and claim preclusion. The plaintiff did not even bother to file oppositions. Instead, within weeks, the plaintiff dismissed its entire case with prejudice.

Oral argument. In a federal district court in Dallas, Tom defended one of the ten largest private companies in America against a national convenience store chain, which was represented by what many consider the most prominent law firm in Texas. Tom obtained a take-nothing summary judgment and a seven-figure attorneys' fee award for his client.

representative appellate work.

Briefing and oral argument. Before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Tom argued that a trial court's take-nothing judgment and million-dollar attorneys' fee award in favor of his client should be upheld. Both were affirmed just a week later.

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